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December 2o1o to July 2o11
Blinking Graphometry

May 2o1o to December 2o1o
Weather Records & Insignificant Others

January 2o1o to May 2o1o
Please Be Patient While The Movie Downloads

February 2oo9 to January 2o1o

Daily Incidentals

Two Weeks in July & August 2oo9
Attributed & Found

February 2oo9
Twelve Thoughts Approaching 5oo

November 2oo8 to February 2oo9
Analogue Portraiture & Story

October 2oo8 to November 2oo8

Unnecessary and Unrequested Political Vomit

June 2oo8 to October 2oo8

Smallish Bouts with Moving Image and Sound

December 2oo6 to June 2oo8

Aleatoric Mnemonics through Polaroids

September 2oo6 to November 2oo6
Brief and Friendly Pictorial Histories

September 2oo5 to September 2oo6
Observations Mild and Otherwise
Ok, Oh! is an archive spanning nine years of mnemonic, anecdotal and image-based digital asides.

The Ok, Oh! web log changed pace at undetermined intervals depending on the creative autofeedback generated contingencies via environmental circumstances both external and internal. In other words, I switched things up when I got bored, stuck or piqued.

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